Beach Boys Smile are by far the most Beach Boys tribute and covers band in the UK. They never cease to amaze audiences with their infectious enthusiasm, incredibly tight harmonies and faithful reproduction. They are available to book for any kind of event such as theatre shows, festivals, weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, or any other dedicated Beach Boys covers performances etc.


Judge for yourself!

Recorded in the bar area of St. Edith Hall, Kemsing in Kent just prior to going onstage, using two microphones and a camera. This was the first take

Want to hear more? Check out their youtube channel for videos of acoustic and a cappella performances.

As one of the world’s best Beach Boys tribute bands, § pride themselves on not only making performances great fun for audiences, but also performing the most accurate renditions of Beach Boys songs.

Also being one of the youngest Beach Boys tributes, BBS still hit those top notes with ease and their harmonies are second to none.

Their show is a real tribute to the Beach Boys vocal prowess and they never cease to amaze audiences. They are regularly asked where they obtain their arrangements. The answer is simple – they produce their own arrangements to ensure that they are faithful to the original. Commercial arrangements that other bands use tend to be littered with mistakes so “in house” production is the only way to keep the harmonies accurate.